QualityPeers - structure, organise et optimise vos activités

Sustainably optimizing, organizing and structuring your business activities


Co-founded and headed up by Lucile Brunet, QualityPeers works within PeersGroup to provide its expertise across all CSR & Quality management aspects.

QualityPeers aims to help major groups, SMEs and microbusinesses alike in defining and implementing CSR and Quality strategy.

We tackle companies’ entire value chains to assist you in everything from certification plans to operational quality processes at start-up, development, production/lifecycle and distribution stages.

Thanks to the breadth and depth of both our projects and our colleagues’ experience, we are in a position to draw on best practices in the many different sectors we work with for an ultra-efficient approach.

QualityPeers pours its expertise into all your CSR goals, notably by setting up and implementing new CSR standards.

Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with you for a lasting, pragmatic approach that ensures effective, efficient processes with the emphasis firmly placed on sustainable excellence.




CAC 40-listed intermediate-sized enterprises/SMEs


m€ in turnover in 2019

Trusted by clients