offer - QualityPeers

Whether your goal is to acquire or retain certification,
or to set up processes to ensure your services, projects and products meet high quality standards, our three offers give us the flexibility to adapt to your ecosystem.


Expert support and follow-up across all quality aspects

  • Management System diagnostics
  • Quality and Lean project management
  • Defining and implementing transformation plans
  • Defining, modelling and implementing process streamlining programs
  • Structuring & rolling out quality programs (clients, suppliers, projects, production)
  • Quality IS selection, assistance, roll-out


Injecting flexibility and adaptability into Quality resources

  • Quality Technical assistance: Providing specialist expertise & skill-sets
  • Providing expert management across all operational excellence aspects
  • Quality crisis management
  • Transition management
  • Director and manager recruitment


Developing skills with the emphasis on behavioral aspects

  • Quality and Lean training from strategy to operations, in person and remotely
  • Department-specific coaching
  • Employee support through taking up a new role or changing roles
  • Role skill-set auditing and alignment
  • Mapping out skill development plans
  • Drawing up training plans

Our Mobility offer

We’ve put together an offer especially for the mobility sector in a bid to support organizations experiencing rapid growth.

Mobility refers to all transport of people with respect to everyday activities surrounding work, shopping and leisure, as well as transport of merchandise and freight. The term encompasses means of transport, infrastructure, stationary and mobile equipment linked to travel.

Companies in the mobility sector share the same challenges and goals. Their priorities are managing investment, operating and maintenance costs, identifying new revenue streams via new usages, drawing on optimization levers and meeting increasing client demands. The above all need to comply with stringent regulations, norms and standards, while incorporating new CSR criteria.

We assist at every stage in the production process:

Phase 1: Development

  • Drawing up supplier qualification grids by process
  • Outsourcing of supplier system audit
  • Monitoring action plans following audits and supporting suppliers in meeting your standards

Phase 2: Industrialization

  • Outsourcing of supplier PPAP and FAI
  • Overseeing IMDS submissions
  • Conducting supplier project and process audits

Phase 3: Production

  • Supplier quality crisis management
  • Managing industrial line transfers
  • Managing production quality indicators
  • Managing continuous improvement plans

Phase 4: Distribution

  • Outsourcing of manufacturer and importer warranty services
  • Auditing distribution networks
  • Managing quality indicators
  • Managing continuous improvement plans

Our Expertise

  • IATF 16949
  • ISO 9001
  • IRIS
  • EN9100
  • PPAP
  • 8D
  • QRQC
  • Audit Process
  • PDCA
  • R&R

Our Luxury offer

We’ve put together an offer especially for the luxury sector in a bid to support organizations experiencing rapid growth.

Companies that are active in the luxury sector are required to continuously adapt their model in order to strike a fine balance between artisanal quality and industrialization. This sector encompasses major groups, designer brands and ready-to-wear companies, artists and artisans, and manufacturing and clothing companies. Major luxury groups rely on a network of SMEs with exceptional technical expertise that is firmly rooted in the local landscape.

QualityPeers sees the core priorities and challenges for this sector as follows:

  • Knowledge transfer and lasting professional qualifications,
  • Maintaining production capacity in line with the sector’s exponential growth,
  • Updating and industrializing manufacturing tools,
  • Incorporating these emerging developments within an environmentally-friendly approach that demonstrates respect for resources.
  • We believe that a Quality-focused approach to your processes will help you meet these goals.

From start-up and development to industrialization and marketing, QualityPeers is on hand to support you every step of the way in:

  • Defining and implementing your internal and external Quality strategies
  • Ensuring compliance with the norms, standards and regulations in force in your sector
  • Drawing up and deepening your CSR policy.

Nos compétences

Maroquinerie et PAP

  • Qualité Matières : Cuir, Textile, P-Met
  • Qualité Produit Fini
  • Développement
  • Sourcing


  • Fonderie à la cire perdue


  • BPF
  • ISO 9001
  • Procédure de rappel de lots
  • Procédure de cosmétovigilance

Normes et outils

  • ISO 9001
  • RSE
  • SA 8000
  • ISO 22716
  • ISO 17025

Our Certification offer

QualityPeers assists companies of all sizes and in all sectors in acquiring certification.
Whether you’re seeking to certify systems, products, services or a label, we take a four-step approach to helping you along the way.
We start by ensuring we understand your priorities and challenges, and identify which certifications are relevant to your business activities and context.
Next, we assess your maturity level against the requirements and criteria of the standard or norm in question.
Following on from this assessment, we then draw up a timeline by which you can expect to be awarded your certification.
Finally, we make a recommendation with regard to the best way we can assist in overseeing your certification plans (job-share, full-time, remote support).

Our scope of intervention

  • System certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF, EN 9100, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, etc.)
  • Product certification
  • Service certification
  • Labels

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